Weight indicators

- Weight indicators for industrial applications (static scales, dynamic scales, check weigher, conveyor scales, hopper scales, etc.)

- Weighing controller for fi lling and dosing applications (bag fi lling, material dosing, etc.), optionally with EU type approval according 2004/22/EC

- Weight indicators with EU type approval according OIML R76 for legal for trade applications (vehicle scales, fl oor scales, bench scales, etc.)

- PC based weighing systems with EU type approval according OIML R76, optionally available as industrial PC (IP54 or IP65)



- OIML certified to 10,000d

- Single or dual range weighing

- High resolution to 60,000 counts

- Serial interface RS232C

- Integrated power supply

- Available as panel mount

- Aluminium desk top and stainless steel forms

- Connection for up to 18 load cells


Weighing applications such as vessel and silo weighing, bagging machinery.

Weight Indicator

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