GFLO Control Valve Advantages and Feature

Does Exactly What It's Commanded to do

- Stiff, high-thrust cylinder actuator

- Accurate positioning

- High repeatability

- Faithful response

- Controlled, high-speed stroking action

Won't Stick and Shut down the Process

- Cage guiding eliminated

- Double stem guiding located out of flow stream

- Generous clearance between plug head and seat retainer

Easy, Fast and Inexpensive to Maintain

- Top-entry servicing

- Clamped-in seat ring

- Evenly-compressed gasket – controlled gasket compression

- Separable flanges

- High degree of parts interchangeability Small, lightweight design

Won't Leak When Commanded to Close

- High-thrust, spring-cylinder actuator

- Self-aligning seat ring

- Assisted shutoff from fluid pressure, cylinder spring, cylinder pressure

- Spring fails valve to desired position, pneumatics provide additional force

Built for Toughest Service

- Corrosion resistant construction

- High thrust overcomes high pressures

- Anti-cavitation and noise trim options

- Heavy-duty plug stem

- Factory Mutual Approved as a fuel service valve (¾ - 3-inch)

Compact and easy to install

- Cylinder actuator is smaller than comparable diaphragm actuators

- Lower center of gravity than comparable diaphragm actuators

- Light weight means less pipe stress from static and dynamic loads

- Separable end flanges allow the valve to be installed in many orientations and compensate for flange misalignment

Design provides lower total life-time cost

- High interchangeability between sizes and other MASCOT products

- Valve design minimizes requirements for stocking spare parts

- Rugged, heavy-duty parts provide extended life

- Actuator design allows simple, easy maintenance

GFLO Globe Control Valve

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