TS 8 baying systems, SE 8 system enclosures. 


Baying systems TS 8, sheet steel (READ MORE....)

TS 8 baying systems – a system platform for just about any application. Every enclosure when used in conjunction with the system accessories, is a specialist for very specific tasks. The symmetrical frame profile of the TS 8 ensures a significant space gain plus simple interior installation. This likewise ensures bayability from all sides.

Baying systems TS 8, power distribution (READ MORE....)

Baying systems TS 8, for low-voltage switchgear with design certificate to IEC 61 439-1/-2 and DIN EN 61 439-1/-2.

System enclosures SE 8 (READ MORE....)

Individual sheet steel enclosure with stable enclosure body, two integrated mounting levels, screw-fastened rear panel and door. Roof and sides from a single piece with roll-formed frame. Fully compatible interior installation with the TS 8, enabling full integration into the TS 8 product family.

Enclosure systems

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