Gate valve is a full bore valve. Thanks to the metal/metal seat, those valves are able to respond to specific operating conditions (high pressure, high temperatures). Its production is varied (cast iron, steel, stainless steel, duplex, etc.), it can therefore be used for numerous applications like the service industry and the chemical and oil industries

Resilient seat gate valves are gate valves with an elastomer lined wedge. They are especially used for waste water, drinking water supply and irrigation.


- Gate Valve : Cutting of a usual fluid, economic installation, cold and hot water, low pressure with control for gas.

Resilient seat gate valves : Water supply, fire protection, irrigation, water treatment.


With Gate Valve :

- Form DN8 to DN1200.

- BSP female threaded ends with PN 16 and Flanged ends with PN 10.

- Operating by painted steel handwheel or Operating by handwheel - Non rising stem.

With Resilient seat gate valves :

- Design in accordance with NF EN 1171.

- From DN40 to DN800 in standard.

- Non rising stem.

- Clockwise to close or anti clockwise to close.

- No zones of retention.

- Low head losses.

- Protection with paraffin on bolts.


- Maximum working pressure : 10 bar / 16 bar / 20 bar

- Maximum temperature : -10°C/+120°C.


1. V1141 - Brass gate valve – female BSP – PN16

2. V2143 - Bronze gate valve – female BSP – PN20

3. V6140 - Stainless steel  PN16 – femaleBSP

4. V3200 - Cas iron gate valve – flanged – PN10

5. V4246 - Ductile iron gate valve – flanged – PN16

6. V4248 - Rising stem gate valve – PN16

7. V3201 - Cast iron gate valve – flanged – PN16

8. V4250 - Flanged cast iron gate valve PN25 – long pattern F5

9. V4260 - Flanged cast iron gate valve PN40 – long pattern F5


Gate Valve & Resilient seat gate valves

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