The diaphragm valve can be of different designs (straight, curved). It is characterised by its closing mechanism, which occurs via internal diaphragm deformation until contact with the internal layer of the valve is obtained. Especially used for chemical applications, it is also used for pharmaceutical and food-processing applications.


General use : water treatment plants, fertilizer & petrochemicals industries, chemical industries, refineries, thermal power stations, etc.


- Design according to standard EN13397

Range : DN 15 up to DN 350.

Diaphragm replaceable without removing the valve.

- Low head loss.

- Curved way type OR Straight through type.


Maximum working pressure : DN15 with 50 = 16 bar.

                                               DN65 with 150 = 10 bar.

                                               DN200 = 7 bar.

                                               DN250 with 350 = 6 bar.


1. RMC3200-000 - Diaphragm valve – weir type

2. RMD3201-000 - Diaphragm valve – straight type

Diaphragm valves

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