OELD is a smart junction box for either a Searchpoint Optima Plus or Searchline Excel gas detector. In addition to serving as a 4-to-20 milliamp (mA) communications bridge between the detector and the controller, the gas sensor junction box includes an LCD screen for gas concentration and other information, as well as a traffic-light indicator for at-a-glance safety status — all in a robust metal housing and with a wide range of approvals. OELD includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology that simplifies your experience with the detector. With BLE, you can pair the OELD with a mobile phone and then use an app to perform many commissioning and maintenance tasks on the detector with less time and effort. And since the BLE method is non-intrusive, it also reduces safety risk.


Features & Benefits

- Gas sensor junction box featuring simplified maintenance using familiar smartphone technology

- Smart junction box provides non-intrusive interaction reducing maintenance time and safety risk

- Easy access to hard-to-reach detectors

- Bright “traffic light” indicator for safety awareness

Quick Specs            

- Backward compatible with all versions of Searchpoint Optima Plus and Searchline Excel

- Robust Aluminium or Stainless steel housing

- Ingress protection IP66 / Type 4X (in accordance with NEMA 250)

- Worldwide approvals including ATEX, IECEx, cULus

OELD (Optima Excel Local Display)

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