Tecofi balancing valves are used for accurate adjustment on big heating and cooling systems, in new jobs or maintenance.


- The Tecofi valves have an oblique seat which offers a good adjustment precision and a resistance lower than the valves

with a straight seat: head losses are small, which for a same ND leads to more important flows than those borne by a straight seat valve.

- Every RC4240 balancing valves allows the measure of the head losses from the ND65.

- The valve opening is visualised by a small scale below the handwheel. - A stroke limitor on the valve cap allows the adjustment memorization

- The balancing valve can be used as a « stop valve » and allows also the fast draining and padding thanks to the drain plug.


- From DN65 to DN300.

- Design according to BS7350 : 1990.

- Oblique seat which allows a good adjustment precision.

- Position indicator with a stroke limitor.

- Fast draining and padding thanks to the drain plug.

- Handwheel operating.

PN16 flanged balancing valve RC4240

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