Get a better overview of your IT infrastructure thanks to flexible, individual solutions for controlling and monitoring all physical parameters in your IT environment.


CMC III – Monitoring system (READ MORE....)

IT security is now inextricably linked with the Computer Multi Control (CMC) monitoring system. It has become firmly established as a permanent feature of physical IT security, allowing modern IT infrastructures to be operated securely, while at the same time ensuring optimum performance.

Monitor/keyboard unit with 17" TFT display and VGA/DVI connection (READ MORE....)

1 U chassis with 17" TFT display, English or German keyboard layout, with telescopic slides.

KVM switch (READ MORE....)

Compact KVM switch for central server administration of 8 units. May be attached directly behind the monitor/keyboard unit, no additional U is required.

Management software (READ MORE....)

Software for integrated monitoring of physical IT infrastructure and servers.

IT monitoring

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