Thanks to Honeywell’s use of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology, you can install, commission and maintain your Sensepoint XRL gas detector — all from the palm of your hand. Simply pair the detector with your smartphone; then use Honeywell’s Sensepoint gas detector app to wirelessly perform many tasks — from adjusting set points to checking fault codes — from up to 10 meters away. Sensepoint XRL is available as a flammable gas detector for the detection of potentially explosive gases, or as a toxic gas detector for the detection of a range of toxic gas hazards commonly found in industrial facilities.

Features & Benefits

- Manage installation, commissioning and maintenance from

the gas detector app on your smartphone or tablet

- Award-winning design

- Robust aluminum housing

- Worldwide hazardous area approvals

- Compatible with Touchpoint Plus and other industry-standard controllers

Quick Specs

- mA loop or Modbus RTU output

- Multi-colour LED status indicator

- Operating temperature range -40°C to +65°C, IP66, Type 4X

- Choice of toxic, Oxygen or flammable sensors

Sensepoint XRL

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