Pressure Switch for Gas DG

- For monitoring positive air and gas pressures, negative or differential air pressures

- Five pressure ranges from 0.2″ to 200" WC (0.5 mbar to 500 mbar)

- Accurate, repeatable switching action with low hysteresis

- Choice of mounting positions

- One normally open and one normally closed contact in each switch

- Automatic and manual reset models available

- Compact construction, easy installation

- Special models available for oxygen service and low voltage operation

- FM and UL approved

Pressure Switch for Air DL

- For monitoring positive, negative or differential pressures

- Multiple pressure ranges from 0.08 to 20 "WC (0.2 to 50 mbar)

- Accurate, repeatable switching action

- Supplied with one form "C" contact

- Automatic reset

- Sturdy construction

- Compact design

- Integral hose barb connections

- Choice of mounting positions

- Easy to install

- FM and UL approved, models also available with CE certification



Pressure Switch for Gas DG

The gas pressure switch DG monitors extremely low pressure differentials and triggers switch-on, switch-off or switch-over operations if a set switching point is reached. The switching point is adjustable via a hand wheel. It monitors positive and negative gas pressures on various industrial gas and air appliances, such as boiler fan monitoring and differential pressure monitoring in firing, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. The TÜV-tested special-design pressure switch is used as defined by VdTÜV Code of Practice “Druck 100/1” (Pressure 100/1) in firing installations for steam and hot-water generators in accordance with TRD 604, Para. 3.6.4, as well as class “S” for DG..B, DG..U and DG..I pursuant to EN 1854.

Pressure Switch for Air DL

Pressure switches for air DL can be used as positive pressure switches, vacuum sensors or differential pressure switches for air, flue gas and other non-aggressive gases. They are not suitable for fuel gases. They monitor extremely low pressure differentials. They trigger switch-on, switch-off or switch-over operations if a set switching point is reached. This switching point can be adjusted using a hand wheel or, if required, it can be fixed using an adjusting screw. The diaphragm pressure switch with micro switch features particularly high contact reliability as low gas release components are used.

DG/DL Pressure switches

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