In industrial and commercial tanking systems, the level of the tanks must be monitored continuously in most cases. The level within the tanks can be checked and controlled by means of various level sensors and level gauges. The filling of tanks and silos can be displayed at various points via various level indicators and can thus be monitored. General level measurement can be carried out in various ways depending on the medium selected, size of tanks and the temperature and density of materials used.

Float switch for level control

Different methods of level detection

Level of different mediums can be determined by differential pressure, hydrostatic sensor, ultrasonic sensor, pneumatic level measurement, float switch or by pressure measurement.




Magnetic Level Switches M


Magnetic Level Switches for Side Installation MS


Bypass Level Switch NBA, NBE


Plastic Level Switch NKP


Level Switch RFS


Level Switch NV


Float Level Switch NSP-S


Float Level Switch NSP-K


Float Level Switch NAB


Float Level Switch NSM


Float Level Switch NEC


Float Level Switch NST


Float Level Switch NSE


Dual Magnet Float Level Switch NGS


Conductive Level Switch NES


Conductive Suspended Electrode NEH


Conductive Level Switch (WHG) NEW


Conductive Level Switch NEK


Conductive Level Switch LNK


Conductive Level Switch Compact , LNK-K


Electrode relay for conduct.level switches NE-104,-304


Electrode relay §19 WHG NE-204


Level Modul for Conductive Level Probes, LNR


Microwave Level Switch LNM


Capacitive Level Limit Switch LNZ


Capacitive Level Limit Switch NCW


Capacitive Level Limit Switch NCW-H


Ultrasonic Level Switch NQ


Optical Level Sensor OPT


Liquid Level Switch NWS


Vibration Switch Liquids-Plug Connection NWS-...2ES


Vibration Switch Liquids-Cable Connection NWS-...2EF


Vibrating Level Switch NSV


Vibrating Level Switch NVI


Pendulum Level Limit Switch for bulks PLS


Membrane Level Monitor NMF


Rotating Vane Level Monitor NIR-9


Capacitive Level Limit Switch for bulks NSC


Capacitive Level Limit Switch NTS


Float Transducer-Reed Chain MM


Magnetostrictive Level Meters NMT


Capacitive Level Meter NMC


Continuous Level Probe LNP


Bypass Level Indicator SZM


Mini-Bypass Level Indicator NZJ


Bypass Level Indicator MBSK


Mini Bypass Level Indicator NBK-M


Bypass Level Indicator NBK-03...NBK-33


Bypass Level Indicator NBK with ATEX and GL


Over-Head Level Indicator NBK-04


Over-Head Level Indicator NBK-04 with ATEX


Bypass Level Indicator (plastic) NBK-16,-17


Bypass Level Indicator rope version NBK-19


Bypass Level Indicator Low Cost NBK-01


Limit contact for Bypass -Meter NBK-R


Limit contact for Bypass -Meter NBK-RT


Limit contact for Bypass -Meter NBK-RA


Level Meter based on Displacer Principle BA


Guided Radar Level Transmitter NGR


Guided Radar Level Transmitter NGM


Non-Contact Radar Level Transmitter - NRM


Ultrasonic Level Meter NUS-7


Ultrasonic Level Meter NUS-4


Pressure Gauge with diaphragm seal for closed vessels PAD-...N


Pressure Transmitter with Diaphragm Seal for Open Vessels PAS-...N


Deep-Well Probe NTB


Diaphragm Level Indicator NPF


Differential Pressure Transmitter PAD


Pressure Transmitter PAS

Level Measurement and Level Switches

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