- NEMA 3 enclosure eliminates the need for addition junction boxes at the burner.
- Integrated front panel display indicates operating status of the BCU and allows for manual operation of the BCU for commissioning and setup.
- Optional integrated ignition transformer simplifies the field installation and protects the components from harsh factory conditions.
- Optional auto-ignition bypass allows for uninterrupted operation of burners under safe conditions.
- Optional Profibus communications simplifies the interaction between the burner controls and the central SCADA system.



- The BCU  is designed for use with multi-burner systems where one central fan supplies the combustion air for the entire system.

- The BCU  also excels in instances where the distance from the central control enclosure reduces the benefit of having the flame safeties centrally located.

- The BCU  is the backbone of Pulse-Fired combustion systems.

BCU (Burner Control Unit)

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