Draka power cables are robust, low voltage, copper conductor cables designed for a range of installation methods including clipped direct, tray and direct burial.

From Firetuf FTP120 and Saffire BS6724 power cable to the general Draka BS5467 cable, all Draka power cables have been developed to meet or surpass British Standards but always with the installer in mind.


The Power Cable Range includes:

The Firetuf Fire Resistant Cable Range:

The Firetuf Fire Resistant Cable Range:

Saffire BS6724 (READ MORE...) - zero halogen, low smoke industrial power cable
Saffire BS6724 Auxiliary (READ MORE...)- industrial wiring for interconnection of systems
Firetuf FTP120 (READ MORE...) - fire resistant armoured power cable
Firetuf FTP (READ MORE...) - the original Draka fire resistant armoured cable
BS5467 Cable (READ MORE...) - low voltage armoured power cable
BS5467 Auxiliary (READ MORE...) - multi-core armoured signal and pilot cable
BS7889 Cable (READ MORE...) - industrial single core wiring cable

Research and development has helped the Draka brand to lead the way in power cable materials especially thermoplastic and thermosetting materials technology.

Draka power cables are designed to have the right electrical performance, the right physical performance and supreme fire performance when required.

A Draka cable is a power cable you can trust.

Power Cables

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