- Additional adjustments for increased flame control and burner flexibility.

- Very low NOx. Can be tuned to maximize heat transfer and minimize NOx.

- Single gas connection for simplified, cost effective application.

- Compatible with Eclipse mounting bracket and socket plate for easy installation.

- Compatible with current BrightFire gas and cooling air connections for easy conversion.

- Nozzle combinations allow firing to be tailored to furnace requirements.

- Durable construction.

- Low maintenance.

- Improved glass quality.

- Reduced fuel usage due to improved heat transfer into the glass.



- The Eclipse BrightFire 200 is an adjustable, low NOx, air-fuel burner, compatible with regenerative glass furnaces.

- The burner provides superior flame and heat transfer adjustability by providing a gas flow adjustment in addition to area adjustment. This valve combination allows increased flexibility in flame geometry, location of heat input into the gas melt, and a significant reduction in NOx.


BrightFire 200

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