They describe the amount flowing through an area for a given time period. Different devices for measuring a flow are flowmeters, volumeters, etc.


These sensors are typically used in the measure of potable or recycled water, industrial waste water, industrial process liquids, mud and concretes.


- Range from DN15 to DN2000.

- Coupled version with converter MC608 A with LED. 4 standard electrodes in hastelloy C guarantee a wide compatibility with different kind of liquids.

- By request they may be supplied in hastelloy B, Titanium, Tantalum or Platinum.

- Measurement range of more than 1:1000 without linearization software.

- Accurate measures on a wide flow rate range and a lower flow rates.

- Carbon steel flange and sensor with acrylic painted external surface. (Flange and sensor in stainless steel 304 or 316 on request)

- PTFE internal lining material on standard from DN15 to DN100 and over by request. Protection IP67. Voltage: 80-265 VAC, output 4-20mA + 485.

- MODBUS interface IRCOM.


- Working pressure : 10 bar / 16 bar / 25 bar / 40 bar

- Maximum temperature : 0°C / + 70°C.


1. MUT2200ELPN10 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN10 DN15/DN400

2. MUT2200ELPN16 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN16 DN15/DN400

3. MUT2200ELPN25 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN25 DN15/DN400

4. MUT2200ELPN40 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN40 DN15/DN400

5. MUT2500ELPN10 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN10 DN450/DN2000

6. MUT2500ELPN16 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN16 DN450/DN2000

7. MUT2500ELPN25 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN25 DN450/DN2000

8. MUT2500ELPN40 - Electromagnetic flow meter PN40 DN450/DN2000

9. MUT1222 - Electromagnetic insertion flowmeter



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