- Maintains optimum burner performance in the presence of large changes in process and environmental conditions over the full range of the burner, over extended operating time

- Limited on-site combustion expertise required

- Easy to operate, install, and maintain (plug ‘n play)

- Highly repeatable burner performance

               + Low NOx operation

               + High-efficiency operation

               + Tighter temperature control

- Increased burner life with less system downtime

- Precise electronic control of air and fuel flow to the burner to maximize efficiency and minimize emissions simultaneously

- Maintain emissions or fuel efficiency over the entire operating range of the burner, not just at one burner set point

- Automatically compensates for changes in combustion or process conditions with full cross-limited ratio control, maximizing burner performance and ensuring a highly repeatable heat source

- Advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting provide real-time information about combustion and process system performance

- Optional remote monitoring gateway reduces process downtime by providing immediate off-site technical support over a standard phone line

- Rugged industrial design includes:

             + NEMA 4X enclosures

+ High torque actuators

+ All-digital field device communications - ensuring reliable operation in harsh environments

- Redundant system safety checks built into intelligent components, significantly reducing the risks associated with combustion system commissioning and maintenance neglect

- FM and CSA approved

- Meets requirements for European Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and Low Voltage.



 – The SmartFire and SmartLink Meter is a turnkey, mass flow fuel /air ratio control system for use with natural gas and oxygen-fired burners. It provides precise electronic control of air and fuel flow, and automatically compensates for changes in combustion or process conditions, helping to maximize efficiency and burner performance. 

MAXON SmartFire & SmartLink Meter

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