Our commitment to high quality cable manufacture

With changes in legislation it’s now vital that buyers and installers of electrical cable use only products from reputable cable manufacturers. With many poor quality cables still available in the market, Draka has produced this simple cable markings guide showing you what to look for.

All good quality cable should have the following cable markings to signify to the buyer or the installer that it’s a product of authenticity

Armoured cable markings

  1. Cable Manufacturer’s Origin Mark - All cable should bear a manufacturer’s name.
  2. British Standard Number – By marking the cable with this standard number, the manufacturer has confirmed conformity to this standard. This amounts to a claim by or on behalf of the manufacturer that the product meets the requirement of the standard. The accuracy of this claim is solely the claimants and it should not be confused with 3rd party accreditation.
  3. Harmonised Cable Mark and Harmonised Designation – As a part of the pan European CENELEC harmonisation scheme, these markings denote that the cable is harmonised. HAR is a voluntary mark which signifies a quality cable.
  4. Approved body's registered certification trademark - required on all approved cables
  5. Required marking for British Standard cables where appropriate
  6. Number and nominal size of cable cores

Cable Markings Guide

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