Efficient liquid cooling may be used in all situations where a high cooling load is required, such as process and machine cooling or when dissipating heat loss from enclosures via air/water heat exchangers.


Air/water heat exchanger, wall-mounted (READ MORE....)

For mounting on the wall or any sufficiently large vertical surface.

Air/water heat exchangers roof-mounted (READ MORE....)

Output classes 1,875 – 4,000 W. For use in tough environments. Flexible water connection options.

Liquid Cooling Package LCP rack industry (READ MORE....)

Air/water heat exchanger in TS 8 baying system, useful cooling output 10 kW.

Chillers (READ MORE....)

Centralised and efficient cooling of the cooling water. All cooling tasks on a system or machine can be solved via a single pipeline system.

Liquid cooling

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