The role of the expansion joint is to protect the installations from vibrations and expansions that the pipework could undergo. The expansion joints allow lateral, axial and limited angular movements. The diversity of elastomers lets it respond to all kinds of applications: water, air, abrasive products, and certain acids. However, beware, they aren’t meant for correcting misalignments in the pipework.


Hot water, cold water, water treatment, sewerage, heating, air conditioning, control of vibrations and noise on pipes etc.


- From DN15 to DN600.

- EPDM rubber bellow.

- Female cast iron 3 pieces BSPT threaded union ends. 

- Zinc-plated steel flanges drilled ends - PN10 / PN16 (DN32-150), PN10 (DN200-600).

- Movement:

     + Axial compression,

     + Axial elongation,

     + Lateral movement.


1. DI7140N - Rubber expansion joint PN16 – EPDM – female BSP

2. DI7240N - Rubber expansion joint PN10 – EPDM – flanged

3. DI724016N - Rubber expansion joint PN16 – EPDM – flanged

4. DI724116N - Rubber expansion joint PN16 with tie rods – EPDM – flanged

5. DI7240NI - Rubber expansion joint PN10 – NBR – flanged

6. DI7242L130 - Rubber expansion joint PN10 – length 130mm – EPDM – flanged

Rubber expansion joints

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