- Dynamic self-check logic.

- Dynamic safety relay test.

- Tamper resistant timing and logic.

- Dynamic input check.

- Five LEDs for system sequence status.

- First out annunciation and system diagnostics are provided by a 40 character vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) located on the Keyboard Display Module.

- Five function Run/Test switches.

- Nonvolatile memory.

- Interchangeable plug-in flame amplifiers.

- Dependable, long term operating micro computer technology.

- Communication interface capability.

- Burner Controller Data.

- Local or remote annunciation of 7800 SERIES shutdowns.

- Application flexibility.



- The 7800 SERIES is a microprocessor-based integrated burner control platform for single-burner applications. This platform includes a family of relay modules that provide burner sequencing for a wide variety of burners, and is SIL 3 capable.

- The 7800 SERIES consists of a Relay Module, Subbase, Amplifier, Keyboard Display Module and Purge Card.

- The 7800 SERIES is programmed to provide dafety, functional capability and features beyond the capacity of conventional controls.



7800 SERIES Burner control

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