This knife gate valve was specially developed for an under silo assembly. It allows you to get rid of dry products like dust or grains thanks to blowing holes, which avoid the stuffing and the accumulations of product, so the jamming of the gate. It is mainly used in the mining and food-processing industries.

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Ony use with : Grain, chemical industry (Powdery or crystallizing).


General construction is similar to VG standard knife gate valve but specially developed for working under silo.
The face to face of the under silo special knife gate valve is more important than VG standard knife gate valve. This results in following advantages :
- The gate is guided by fingers, which reduce frictions and allow the product to go down without accumulating in the clearances of the body. This avoids the jamming of the gate.
- The recommended direction for the assembly of the under silo gate valve is with the seat gasket on the product side. The body in this position, channels the fluid limiting so its accumulation in the hollow zones. It is also possible to install reinforced seats which act equally as deflectors.
- The attack of the gate is straight with a chamfered extremity for a better penetration in the product.
- The blowing orifices in the body are foreseen in standard to inject compressed air of weak pressure (< 1 bar) preventing the stuffing and the accumulations of product.



- Maximum working pressure :

    + DN150 : 2.5 bar

    + DN200 : 2 bar

    + DN250 - DN300 : 1.5 bar

    + DN400 : 1.3 bar

- Temperatures:
    + Nitrile: 80°C,
    + EPDM: 110°C.


VGS3400-03 - Under silo knife gate valve – cast iron body – stainless steel 304 gate – double acting pneumatic actuator

Under silo special knife gate valve

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