Draka wiring cables have been developed and manufactured in the UK to comply with industry agreed British Standards and are perfectly matched to electrical power and control systems that we use for our busy livesevery day.


The Draka Building Wiring Cable Range includes:

6491X (READ MORE...) - PVC insulated single core, low voltage wiring cable
6242Y (READ MORE...)  - flat PVC sheathed low voltage wiring cable
6181Y (READ MORE...)  - low voltage single core, PVC insulated copper conductor with additional PVC oversheath
Saffire 6491B (READ MORE...)  - single core OHLS® wiring cable
Saffire 6242B (READ MORE...)  - flat twin core OHLS® cable
Saffire Railsure (READ MORE...)  - single core OHLS® low voltage wiring cable

Materials technology is at the heart of the Draka brand and the range of general wiring cables are designed to meet the stringent electrical and physical performance expected of them by designers, installers and users.

Draka Wiring Cables

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