- The balancing valves are designed to realize exact regulations on heating and cooling systems.

- The entire threaded balancing valves RC 2106 range allows the fitter to measure the head losses

and to control the installation flows with two instantaneous test points.


- The proposed valves have an oblique seat which offers a good adjustment precision

and a resistance lower than the valves with a straight seat: head losses are small, flow more important for a same DN leads.

- Mounting on pipes is preferred direction indicated by an arrow on the body.

- The balancing valve can be used as a « stop valve. A thrust allows memorizing the valve adjustment, without disturbing the closure.


- Maximum working pressure : 20 bar.

- Maximum working temperature : - 10°C / + 90°C.

- Test pressure according to EN 12266-1, DIN 3230, BS 5154 and ISO 5208 : Body : 30 bar. Seat : 22 bar.

Balancing valve RC2106

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