- Frost Protection, Slow Start, Anti-condensate, Boiler Delta-T, Stack Limit, Boiler Limit, DHW Limit, Outlet T-Rise Limit

- Primary Flame Safeguard Control

- Internal or external spark generator.

- Analog NTC Sensor Inputs (10kohm or 12kohm).

- Other Analog Inputs

- PID Load Control

- Digital Inputs

- Digital Outputs

- Analog Outputs

- Algorithm Prioritization

- Two Temperature Loops of Control (CH and DHW)

- High Limit Control-CH, DHW, & Stack (Meets UL 353) using dual 10kohm NTC sensors.

- Fifteen Item Fault Code History including equipment status at time of lockout

- Fifteen Item Alert Code Status including equipment status at time of internal alerts

- 24Vac Device Power

- 24 or 120Vac Digital I/O models available.

- Flame Signal test jacks (Vdc)

- Three Status LEDs.

- UV or Flame rod Flame Sensing.



The SOLA boiler control platform is an integrated combustion platform providing heat control, flame supervision, circulation pump control, fan control, boiler control and electric ignition function. With up to 15 control functions in one compact device, SOLA helps reduce wiring, installation time and control count.

SOLA boiler control

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