- Modular concept that is DIN Rail mounted for easy assembly

- 24 VDC to 24 to 240 VAC in one system

- Configurable safety modules include; Base, Burner Control, Flame Amps, Fuel Air Ratio and Limit
- Actuators that provide greater torque ranges that are ruggedly designed (50 in/lb, 150 in/lb, 300 and 900 in/lb) 
- Programmable logic modules include; Digital I/O, Analog I/O and Annunciation 
- Color Touch Screen display that display web pages that are easily designed using the SLATE Web Editor Tool 
- Function Block Programming 
- 2 Fuels
- Valve Proving
- Choose fuel air ratio curves based on seasonality
- BACnet, Modbus, and web services all in one part number.  No need for gateways.


- Industrial and Commercial Burner Boiler Controls 
        + Drum level control
        + Feed water control
        + VFD Control
        + Blow Down
        + Pump Control
        + Lead Lag capability for sequencing and staging up to 8 boilers
        + Limit thresholds on any analog signal as pressure or temperature (low or high)
- Air Handling
- Drying Applications (salt, grain, etc.)
- Automotive Paint Booths
- Single Stage Furnaces and Kilns 




Part Number                                                  Description 
R8001A1001/U                                                    Base
R8001B2001/U                                              Burner Control
R8001U3001/U                                                 Analog I/O 
R8001D4001/U                                                  Digital I/O
R8001K5001/U                                                  Display
R8001C6001/U                                        Fuel Air Ratio Control
R8001N7001/U                                               Annunciator
R8001L8001/U                                               Limit Module
R8001S9001/U                                                 Sub-Base
R8001V1031/U                              Rectification Flame Amp- with Ampli-Check 
R8001F1041/U                         Infrared Rectification Flame Amp with Ampli-Check 
R8001S1071/U                                 UV Flame Amp with Ampli-Check
R8001S1051/U                                UV Flame Amp with Shutter-Check
R8001F1091/U                              UV/Visible Flame Amp with Ampli-Check
R8001M1050/U                                     50 in/lb Actuator NEMA 1
R8001M1150/U                                    150 in/lb Actuator NEMA 1
R8001M4050/U                                     50 in/lb Actuator NEMA 4
R8001M4150/U                                    150 in/lb Actuator NEMA 4
SLATEAXTOOL                          Configuration and Programming Software 
32008001-002/U                         Connector Kit and Display Transformer
50096820-001/U                                        Extension Cable 

SLATE™ Integrated Combustion Management

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