- Ultra-Low Emissions (<10ppm NOx, <30ppm CO @3% O2)
 - Flexible Design – modular design with Straights, 
 - Tees, and Crosses to custom fit any customer application 
 - Meets most stringent emissions standards, including San Joaquin Valley, CA 
 - Won European Environmental Technology award in the early 90’s .

 - Patented burner design with a pre-mix air/gas mixture to create a cooler flame, and thus low NOx. 
 - Recirculating Flame Geometry to reduce CO emissions 
 - Direct or Indirect heating applications
 - Custom engineered and packaged with a duct section or side plate for easy installation.



  - Spray Drying. 
  - Industrial Baking Ovens.
  - Industrial Drying Ovens (Paper, Paint Finishing).
  - Mine Air Heating.


Cross Fire

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