DISKFLO Butterfly Control Valve Advantages & Features

- Bubble-tight shutoff equal to ANSI Class VI

- Low breakout torque assures accurate throttling, even close to the seat

- Non clogging seat design

- Easy removal

Metal Seat Eccentric-cammed disc

- Shutoff better than ANSI Class IV

- Disc pulls out of seat immediately, preventing seat wear

- Accurate throttling due to disc profile when rotating into the seat

Single pivot-point, splined shaft

- Lost motion minimized between shaft and actuator

Bolted seat retainer

- Uninterrupted gasket surface allows for a wide variety of gasketing

Non-selective disc & shaft

- Easier maintenance

- Reduced cost –replace part needed, not entire assembly

Wafer body

- Rugged and lightweight for easy handling and maintenance

- One body serves ANSI Classes 150, 300 and 600 in sizes 2,3,4,6 & 8

- Industry standard MSS SP-67 permits shorter flange bolting than ball or cammed valves, increasing safety and reducing possibility of leakage

Flow capacity

- Capacity greater than globe, plug and cammed control valves

Concave disc

- Increased flow capacity

Disc stop in body

- Prevents damage to seat due to overstroking

- Permits in-line disc relocation during maintenance

Wide variety of packing box configurations

- Purged bonnet and lubricator options

Fully enclosed, air purged transfer case

- Extra safety

- Prevents atmospheric corrosion of actuator internals

- Disc position indicator mounted on transfer case

DISKFLO Butterfly Control Valve

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