- Provides positive valve position - open or closed 
- Firesafe Rated - in carbon steel, and stainless steel bodies 
- Complies with “proof of closure” requirements
- Easily integrates with an analog control system, DCS or PLC
- Hermetically sealed (HS) switches included for Non-incendive valves.
- Normally-closed shut-off valves utilize power to open. Removal of electrical signal allows instantaneous release of the holding mechanism, allowing the powerful closing spring to close the valve in less than one second. 
- Normally-open vent valves utilize power to close.
- The valve bodies for gas applications are available in cast iron, carbon steel, low temperature carbon steel and stainless steel body assemblies. For liquid/oil service the valve bodies are available in cast iron and carbon steel only. 

- Bodies are currently available in 3/4” (DN20) through 8” (DN200) sizes for gas applications and.375”-2” for liquid/oil applications. Body design utilizes a straight through flow path, which minimizes the pressure drop through the body. 
- Valve bodies are available in threaded, flanged, and socket-welded connections.  
- Internal trim options are available for general purpose and corrosive gases.  
- Oxygen compatible trims are also available. 



- Safety shut off valves are used to stop or allow the flow of gases.  Used in any industrial combustion system that must comply with NFPA 85/86 code mandating dual mounted SSOV’s.   

Series 8000

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